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Developing Energy Projects from Concept to Asset

SunCode believes in a win-win strategy between us and the landowner or building owner. We will not only pay stable revenue to use the roof or land but also make sure that you are liability free from any of our solar work with the additional offerings below:

  • Our land acquisition team turns around the solar feasibility analysis quickly so you do not need to take off your land from the market at all or only for a very short period.

  • We provide liability insurance coverage during the option and lease period so you have NO LIABILITY for any activities conducted by SunCode.

  • We will be responsible for recovering the land or roof to the original at the end of the solar system life.

SunCode is also dedicated to providing additional benefits to your community such as construction jobs and solar educational opportunities.

Landowners & Building Owners​

SunCode evaluates and utilizes free sunshine to generate electricity on underused land or roofs.

​Solar installations nowadays are becoming one of the best usages for underused land and roofs because solar projects provide either a high purchase price or a long-term guaranteed lease revenue to landowners and building owners while contributing to the environment.

Investors & Co-Development Partners 

SunCode creates the energy asset for investors with predictable contract revenue.


SunCode’s team has a proven track record of selling solar projects to investors and long-term asset owners. We include the key attributes of a high-quality power infrastructure investment opportunity into our design and considerations from the very beginning of the project development.

If you are allocating investment capital to clean energy projects, please contact us to learn more.

Get Started Today!

Switching to solar energy is a win-win proposition for your organization:

  • NO CAPITAL OUTLAY -  SunCode assumes all the solar energy development costs, from planning to permitting, from construction to maintenance and operations

  • INSTANT SAVINGS - You’ll immediately notice an electricity bill reduction from 5-20%

  • EASY BUDGETING - Long-term contracted pricing helps you to manage and contain costs

  • ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY - You’ll meet your sustainability goals—and be known as a clean energy leader in your community

If you’re interested in learning more or are actively looking for developers to help advise you on ways to meet your clean energy goals, contact us today. 

Commercial Energy Users & Utilities

SunCode provides clean power solutions to customers while meeting customers’ various energy needs and goals. SunCode could either provide a turnkey power solution for customers who could invest in the power systems to supply their energy needs, or SunCode could invest in the power system and offer a long-term onsite & offsite Power Purchase Agreement to customers.

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